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Univeristy of Kentucky Starting Five Out - Now You See Them Now You Don’t

After they won the 2012 National Championship, the University of Kentucky starting five will enter this year’s NBA Draft.  The lineup consists of three freshman and two sophomores led by top NBA prospect Anthony Davis.

Davis is considered to be the best player entering the draft, and his time spent in the green room is expected to be brief come draft day.  After a "University of Kentucky"phenomenal season and being named 2012 Naismith College Player of the Year, Anthony Davis is expected to make an immediate impact in the league.  The five players called a press conference Tuesday night to share with the media and the Wildcat faithful their plans for the future.

"It's been a great opportunity playing here; I'll miss this team, the way we played together. We all love each other," said Davis.  The Wildcats won its eighth National title in school history with such a young team, it is expected that the team chemistry is high. Terrance Jones is one of the sophomores that is leaving the program early shared his thoughts on his team mates.   "We made it work," Jones said. "We all wanted to be there and do it together like we've done everything else together."

Coach John Calipari will have to rely on his recruiting class to fill in the holes left by Anthony Davis, John Kidd-Gilchrist, Terrance Jones, Daron Lamb and Marquis Teague.  Calipari is used to starting from scratch when it comes to building a team as he did when five players left for the NBA draft in 2009; most notably John Wall was the number one overall pick.  Everyone is excited to see what the future holds for these young men in the National Basketball Association.

Jordan Broome

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