Rappers with College Degrees

Although the media often like to portray the Hip-Hop industry as being crass and uneducated, that is quite the contrary. Quite a few successful rappers  "Rappers with College Degrees"attended universities, and actually graduated. Some of the names you would never even fathom!

Southern rapper David Banner is one course away from earning his Master’s of Arts degree in teaching from the University of Maryland. He earned his Bachelor’s of Science in business from Southern University. This, however, is not surprising. The rapper is a well-known advocate for different civil rights issues, ranging from the Trayvon Martin case to African Americans and their impact on politics.

Ludacris also obtained a Bachelor’s degree from Georgia State. In addition to this list, J. Cole, DJ Premier, Chuck D., and even Flavor Flav all have received post-secondary degrees. Despite the controversy surrounding the Hip-Hop generation and the constant scrutiny they receive regarding the promotion of guns, violence, and other forms of disruptive behavior, many of the public figures that generate a strong following are polar opposites.

If more rappers were public about the academic accolades, it might have an impact on the some of the youth that are hanging in the balance.

While it is great to dream big, it is also imperative to have a back-up plan. All of the rappers listed above constructed and implemented a strategy, so that if by any chance they didn’t achieve their original goal, they would be secure in acquiring a career that would allow them to live comfortably. It is a strong assumption that these artists would also suggest obtaining a post-secondary degree in today’s developing society where a high school diploma is no longer enough.

Amanda DeVoe - @Its_AMANDAtory

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