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Omar Gooding is Back on Primetime Television with New Show Family Time

This is a NoLimit Larry Exclusive! Editorial team member Amanda DeVoe had the superlative opportunity to talk with television star "Omar Gooding Family Time"Omar Gooding to discuss his new television sitcom Family Time. During the interview, Gooding gave a detailed synopsis about the show.
Omar Gooding, 35, is no stranger to the entertainment world. A veteran in the sitcom world, he received one of his first gigs on ABC’s Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper. Omar continued his stint in sitcoms throughout the 90’s and 2000’s in Smart Guy and Playmakers. However, Gooding received critical praise for his role as “Sweetpea” in the film Baby Boy.
The show, which Gooding describes as a combination of The Cosby Show and The Jeffersons, focuses around the Stallworths, a working class, African American family who recently won half a million dollars in the  lottery and now relocates from the ‘hood to suburbia Windsor Hills.

In addition to the role portrayed by Gooding, the Stallworth family consists of wife, Lisa Stallworth – played by Angell Conwell, known for roles in Soul Plane and Baby Boy, where she coincidently played Gooding girlfriend; son, Devin Stallworth – played by Bentley Kyle Evans Jr., who is also the son of one of the executive producers of the show Bentley Kyle Evans Sr.; and daughter, Ebony Stallworth – played by Jayla Calhoun.

Family Time will deal with a variety of topics. Some of the issues you can expect to be touched on are young men emerging into manhood, children and the issues concerning internet access, mooching family members, and a funny spin on gay and lesbian issues (Gooding’s sister-in-law is a lesbian).
Omar Gooding discussed Family Time and a little of his personal life, and future projects.
AD: You’ve always been known as the funny guy, the guy who is the comic relief factor of the show. How does it feel to step into the role as father?

OG: It’s feels great. At first I thought I was a little young, but it feels good to be the head of the household, running things. In fact, it has been a bit of a challenge because we had such a grueling shooting schedule.

AD: You’ve been gone from the scene for almost 2 years. What made you want to take on this particular role?

OG:  Bentley approached me and said he had a deal for me, and it wasn’t until later I found out it was a sitcom, I said, cool, cool. Even with “Family Time,” when I read the script, right away, I loved it.

AD: Upon viewing the Family Time trailer, it appears that it will be a number of special guests. Who can we expect to see on the show?

OG: It was great! It was like a blast from the past. There’s gonna be a lot of surprises from different people and I can’t wait for you guys to see it.

AD: What do you think audiences will enjoy about Family Time?

OG:  It’s important for us to stay topical but at the same time, we have some older writers so they’ll bring the old school Frankie Beverly & Maze flavor and then we’ll have kids jumping around in skinny jeans talkin’ bout, “you don’t know nothin’ bout this…” (Laughs) We’ll represent a bunch of different generations. And, we try to touch on issues that are a little controversial. 

AD: How was it reuniting with Angell Conwell for the first time since Baby Boy?

OG: It was great.  I didn’t know she was that funny. But we clicked right off the bat. We used to date for little while back in the day. She listens to my advice when it comes to comedic timing and things like that. She’s a very talented actress and funny.

AD: What are some of the other projects that you have in the works?

OG: I have a more serious role in a movie called Percentage which also stars Ving RhamesMacy Gray and Cam’ron, which will be released later this year. I also have another movie coming out at the end of the year called Christmas in Compton which is a comedy. I’ve also been rapping as long as I’ve been acting so look out for some of that later this year too!

AD: So who’s funnier, you or Cuba?

OG: Oh snap!!!! (laughs) Actually, I know you’re just being funny about it but I actually have a bit more comedic experience as oppose to my brother. In fact, just last month my brother said: “Hey man, I’m thinking about doing a television show…” I was like “Man, you know it pays good money…” I think I’ve had a little more experience with the comic timing. But, he is definitely a nut job. In fact our family gatherings are crazy. Actually my sister April, who is an upcoming comic is the craziest. She’s does a lot of improv and stand-up as well. She’s hilarious

Family Time premiers Monday, June 18, at 8:00pm, followed by Uptown Comic, hosted by Joe Torrey at 8:30pm on Bounce TV. Bounce TV is new television network geared towards African Americans in the 25 to 54 age range.

Check out the Family Time trailer here:

Family Time Trailer from Bentley Evans on Vimeo.

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