April 30, 2012 in Celebrity Interviews

Wendy Williams Live Interview with Nolimit Larry

Charlotte NC's WPEG radio host Nolimit Larry with The Morning Maddhouse interviews the Queen of talk, Wendy Williams. Wendy Williams talks about her new projects.

"wendy Williams"On the radio, Wendy Williams delved deep into her own personal life, touching difficult subjects Her tone struck a chord with listeners, and in the summer of 2008, BET aired a trial run of The Wendy Williams Show and gave it a full-scale run the following summer.
In November 2008, while waiting for the premiere of her new program, Wendy Williams was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

Modeling her style after shock-jock Howard Stern—even dubbing herself "The Queen of All Media" in homage to Stern's title "King of All Media"— Wendy Williams proved unafraid to weigh in on the lives of her listeners, who numbered around 12 million. For those who called in, Wendy offered up advice and tough love.

But it wasn't just with her fans that Williams exercised honesty. Her guests, too—some of them celebrity heavy-weights—were never coddled. In 2003, Willliams and Whitney Houston went at it on-air as the show's host asked the singer about her drug history. Williams later patched things up with Houston, but made no apologies for her interview style. "My bark is worse than my bite...by being tall and outgoing, people mistake that for being overpowering, overbearing, loud and being a bully," Williams later told The New York Times.

Williams leveraged her success on the radio into other opportunities, authoring a pair of New York Times bestsellers (Wendy's Got the Heat and the Wendy Willliam Experience); writing a few novels; and landing on television. She hosted her own show on VH1 and, in the fall of 2007, made appearances on NBC's Today Show to dish on the latest celebrity gossip.

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