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Nolimit Larry Launches Team Noleezy

Nolimit Larry aka Noleezy has launched a first time ever volunteer entertainment outreach program to help new upcoming talents. The name of this new network will be called Team Noleezy. Team-NoleezyNoleezy has had a long history of helping his community and business and has now decided to expand that support by supporting others that have the same ambition and drive.

According to Noleezy this will give new people trying to break in the media field an even playing ground to expand their visibility and experience. Noleezy is looking to build a team that will exhibit 100% and produce excellent results.

The purpose of this team will be to help our inner cities and small businesses grow and expand. Noleezy is a firm believer “that people need to get involved and just do it to get things turned around”. The positions that are open are:

1. Videographers: This team will be get a chance to follow Noleezy and potential get a chance to film major projects.

2. Audio Producers and Artist: This team will comprise of the best unknown producer and artist that need a chance to get heard and work on a higher level.

3. Promo Models: This team will get a chance to possible be seen with Noleezy and get feature on www.nolimitlarry.com... This team will also get a chance to possibly travel with Noleezy and help with community functions and events.

4. Content Writers and Bloggers. This team will be responsible for producing great stories about their communities and people that are producing positive results. This team could also be involved with a chance to report high profile stories. All of the stories from this team will get featured on www.nolimilarry.com for massive international exposure.

If you or anyone that you know fit any of the qualifications and would like to be a part of this team please fill out the application below.

Click Here For Application

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