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Entertainment News

August 16, 20134 years ago

Petey Movie Premier

Fred Forte Jr. Films and Forte Jr. Productions presents a witty new romantic comedy this summer. “PETEY” stars Justin Smith and Power 98's Nolimit Larry Mims and will debut Aug. 17 at the Halton Theater, on CPCC’s main campus located at 1206 Elizabeth Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28204. Premier begins at 7 p.m.
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August 7, 20134 years ago

Back to School Health Wellness Fair and Basketball Jamboree - August 17

On Saturday, August 17th, 2013 we are having a Back to School Health & Wellness Fair and Basketball Jamboree where families could come out and get a plethora of information, free school supplies, dental screenings, health screenings, haircuts, extra circular activities etc.
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July 15, 20134 years ago

Pimp'N Ken - New Music

North Carolina businessman, Ken “Pimp’N Ken” Abner loves his city, the people in it and the music they make. After he spent countless hours in the studio developing as a rapper and learning how to produce tracks, Pimp’N Ken became painfully aware that there was little opportunity for Charlotte area entertainers to grow in the industry.
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July 13, 20134 years ago

Noleezy Sizzling Summer Advertising Special

The Carolinas' #1 DJ wants to offer your business hot deals on advertising this summer! The first step to cultivating strong consumer growth is to generate the proper publicity. What better way to draw desired notoriety other than through the utilization of an already established brand? Online advertising is a key element in allowing your business to flourish and Noleezy can help.
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July 5, 20134 years ago

Trayvon Martin Trial

It's been two weeks since the State vs. George Zimmerman murder trial commenced, and the testimonies from the courtroom are constantly shifting gears. In the days leading up to now, pivotal witnesses have taken the stand including Rachel Jeantel, the last person to speak to Trayvon Martin alive, and Mark Osterman, best friend to the defendant.
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