Jay-Z and Beyonce were Hip-Hop Highness at Inauguration

Hip-Hop royalty used to be a thing. There were princesses and princes. The grandeur of it all was alluring and everyone was fighting for a title. Biggie and Faith, Eve, Kimora and Russell, Aaliyah, Mary J. Blige and Puff, yes I said Puff, all gave off that ghetto-fabulous we-made-it-but-we're-still-keeping-"Beyonce and Jay-j"it-real feel that penetrated every inch of my eagerly anticipated VIBE magazine.

It wasn't confined to editorials or album reviews in XXL, it was brands. Hip-hop packed a heavier punch then any creatively-stunting reality show could possibly deliver. It was a way of life complete with clothing, language and a hierarchy.

Jay-Z and Beyonce were reminiscent rap regality, Manolo Blahniks and constructs aside, at the presidential inauguration. On January 21 President Obama was publicly reinstated to the highest office as the 44th President of the United States of America. There was a special feeling in the air. It could have had something to do with the event being held on Martin Luther King Jr. Day signaling the strides of “we the people” in 50 years. It could have been in the visibly different demeanor of the Commander-in-Chief.

For me it was the sight of King Jay and well, King Bey in the unarguable mainstream, the crossover of all crossovers. By no means are they just an “it” couple. Beyoncé had the honor of closing the ceremony with a dignified rendition of The Star Spangled Banner. The power couple have taken what was once undeniably presidential in one world and assimilated into another.

Lady Beyonce donned a floor length Pucci dress and Christian Dior coat while Mr. Carter sported Tom Ford as reported by USA Today.

It was exciting to see the 03’ Bonnie and Clyde in all of their majesty because to be honest, lately it seems like they are the only Hip-Hop royalty left in the castle.

Courtney Jackson

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