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June 25, 2012 Posted by gbailey in News

Jerry Sandusky Found Guilty Faces 500 Years To Life

Jerry Sandusky

, former assistant football coach for Penn State University was convicted of sexually abusing 10 boys over a 15 year "Jerry Sandusky"span. The jury deliberated after 20 hours and convicted him on 45 of the 48 charges against him. The jury consisted of seven women and 5 men.

After more than 20 hours of deliberation, the jury of seven women and five men returned the verdict Friday night. Sandusky was convicted of 45 of 48 counts charging him with abusing 10 boys over 15 years. Jury deliberations began Thursday. Jerry Sandusky could face up to 500 years in prison. He was taken into custody and bail was denied. There is expected be a civil charges pressed after the criminal trial. The verdict does not help Penn State. President Graham Spanier, Athletic Director Tim Curley and Vice Presdent Gary Schultz all face charges ranging from dismissal to perjury.

The prosecution did a successful job of painting a picture of Jerry Sandusky being a predatory pedophile. Jerry Sandusky was accused of luring his victims through his charity for at risk children called the Second Mile. Eight of the accusers testified, in graphic and tearful detail about their horrific experiences with Sandusky. Most said they initially enjoyed gifts and special attention from Sandusky. Some said they saw him as the father they never had. Things would later turn into physical abuse, being assaulted in his basement and being forced to have soapy showers that included rape.

Mike McQueary a former Penn State football player, and coach at Penn State University witness for the prosecution. The identities of two of the boys have never been provided. In both cases, two adults testified that they had witnessed abuse involving the unidentified boys. McQueary told of the winter night in 2001 when he entered the university’s football facility and saw Sandusky with a naked boy, 10 or 12 years old, in the locker room showers. He described hearing the sounds of a sex act. McQueary said he slammed his locker door to let Sandusky know someone else was in the room. Later, he called his father, who told him to go to Paterno, who in turn went to his superiors. It wasn’t until later investigations that the state brought the child abuse charges against Sandusky. The charges came in two waves last year.

The defense tried to prove that Jerry Sandusky was a honorable man and that Sandusky suffered from histrionic personality disorder, a condition that includes overly dramatic gestures that can be seen as seductive. The defense argued that the condition explained why Sandusky gave the boys gifts and in one case sent a love note to a child. The prosecution countered by proving that the gifts were used to lure his victims in for his sexual desires.

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Vyzion Business Development Solutions

Vyzion Radio  
June 24, 2012 Posted by gbailey in News

Advertisement | Affordable Prices | Guaranteed Results

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June 24, 2012 Posted by gbailey in News

Charlotte Nightlife | Nolimit Larry's Playground

Charlotte Nightlife is starting to start a buzz around the world and is lead by non other than NoLimit Larry.

If there is something big going on you can rest assure that Noleezy is a part of it. Looking for things to do in Charlotte? There is an "Charlotte Nightlife"endless array of options for residents and visitors alike to receive the most out of Charlotte nightlife. Whether you’re a “foodie” and love a great restaurant, or a party animal that’s looking for a great hangout spot, Charlotte nightlife does not disappoint. Not only will you enjoy some of the great options offered here in the Queen City, the Carolinas’ #1 DJ Nolimit Larry spearheads many of the great hotspots that Charlotte nightlife has to offer.

One of the best areas to visit when trying to achieve the ultimate experience of  Charlotte nightlife is of course Uptown Charlotte. There are vast amount of restaurants to choose from, whether you prefer a delicious juicy steak or some good old Soul Food. If you’re looking for a club to work off your meal afterwards, you can walk a few blocks and let the party begin! Nolimit Larry hosts much of the excitement that Charlotte nightlife brings at Clubs 935 and Halo each and every weekend. If you need a good laugh, the QC has comedy clubs too. The tough part is picking one!

The Epicenter is also a great venue if you’re trying to get the most out of Charlotte nightlife. Whether it’s a loving couple or a group of friends, the things to do in Charlotte are endless. Not only does the Epicenter house Dinner and a Movie packages, but you can also enjoy bowling and the shops as well. Although Charlotte is known for its southern charm, it can also be labeled as “The Southern City That Never Sleeps.” Charlotte nightlife doesn’t roll to a stop until around 5 a.m., so if you’ve had a long workweek, feel free to let loose and party with Nolimit Larry, also known as No Leezy!

His on-air career started in his alma mater’s campus radio station. In 1997, while attending Johnson C. Smith University, Nolimit Larry aka NoLeezy obtained an internship with WPEG. He worked with the late drive-time jock, Nate Quick. His persistence and energy quickly caught the attention of management. Larry was then hired as the producer of the afternoon drive air shift.

Shortly after graduating in 2000, with a B.A. degree in Communications, Larry was offered a full-time position as the co-host of the "Afternoon Zoo Crew." After maintaining consistent #1 afternoon ratings, Larry landed his own show from 6-10 pm called "The Battleground."

All of these traits have made Nolimit Larry aka NoLeezy one of the fastest moving jocks in Power 98 history. During his tenure at WPEG, Larry has become one of the most recognizable names in Charlotte radio. His immense popularity has enabled him to capture fans of all age groups.

In addition to his on-air duties, he donates much of his time to mentoring youth. As a result of his energy and humility, fans connect with him on a personal level. In nightclubs his delivery has earned him the title, The Carolinas' "Crunkest" DJ.

Nolimit Larry aka NoLeezy was born and raised in Charlotte, NC.  In his free time he enjoys playing in recreational leagues, collecting watches and any new electronic gadgets.

Amanda DeVoe
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Nolimit Larry aka Noleezy Exposure Service

NoLimit Larry

aka Noleezy's Expo page, gives new artists have the opportunity to listen and watch his interviews with celebrites, the community, the up and coming artists and No Limit Larry aka Noleezy just being Nolimit Larry

No Limit Larry aka Noleezy supports the independent and seasoned artists in entertainment. Breaking into the entertainment industry takes hard work and dedication. makes it easy for you to get the fans, sales, listens and views that can make your career get the international exposure that so many independent artists so desperately need.

If you’re an up and coming artist and you would like your work to be promoted on the under Expo, please contact us at 1-800-957-9650 option 2 or email

Nolimit Larry is host of WPEG’s The No Limit Larry aka Noleezy & The Morning Maddhouse. During his radio tenure, No Limit Larry aka Noleezy has become one of the most recognizable names in radio.

Case and point No Limit Larry aka Noleezy, as he is affectionately called by his fans, earned the title of Personality of the Year twice, a distinction awarded by Retail and Records. He was also number 23 in the Source Magazine’s Top 30 Radio Power DJs. Additionally, No Limit received the Creative Loafing Personality of the Year award. No Limit Larry aka Noleezy has teamed up with Vyzion Entertainment to offer artist support. Vyzion Entertainment offers services to customers that will catapult their career. Some of those services are: Internet Marketing, Website Design and Maintenance Packages, Graphic Design, Distribution, Video and Audio Production, Live Streaming Video, Photography, Mixing and Mastering, BDS Encoding, Meta Tagging, Copywriting, DJ and Entertainer Booking, Event Coordination, Disc Duplication please contact us at 1-800-957-9650 option 2 or email Note: This website is not affiliated with WPEG of CBS Broadcasting
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Nolimit Larry aka Noleezy Launches New Website

Nolimit Larry aka Noleezy Launches New Website

March 20, 2012 (Charlotte, NC) – CBS Radio’s Nolimit Larry has a new home online, The site launches today to keep fans in the know for all things Nolimit Larry, the host of WPEG Power 98’s morning talk show.

"Larry"Be sure to check out the site daily for Carolina News. What’s happening in

Charlotte nightlife and fashion tips

. Video and photos from The Nolimit Larry & The Morning Maddhouse will also be posted to the online entertainment portal.

Nolimit’s site features an event page with all upcoming club, community, and concert events hosted by Noleezy. Visitors are able to view flyers and ticket information a click at a time. Also, featured is a link for New Music from up and coming artists that have been certified HOT by the 12-year radio veteran. Artists may submit music to for consideration.

Noleezy is a staple in the community. He believes in our youth and is an advocate of educations and reading. In 2005, his beliefs brought him to found the COMP, Children of Murdered Parents, a program under his family’s non-profit, Critical Times. COMP serves as the lifeline for children who have lost a parent to death. Guardians or parents of these children write in describing their individual situations and how COMP can assist them. These needs range from social needs such as a father figure to take a child to play basketball as well as financial needs like day care costs.

Larry’s website will assist get information out about COMP events and show the community how to contribute to a program that helps hundreds of children in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

To advertise on the new Nolimit website, please contact 1-800-957-9650 ext. 2

Vyzion Entertainment has built and will be maintaining Nolimit Larry’s website that will be your guide to Charlotte Nightlife with Nolimit Larry and his nonprofit organizations.

Vyzion Entertainment is a dynamic, entertainment marketing firm that is breaking into the NC Video Production and entertainment industry with power, talent, and drive to achieve the highest level of success. This business entity offers a unique but sustainable corporate model for an entertainment marketing firm. The company is founded by US Veteran Greg Bailey (Chief Operations Officer), Stephanie Bailey (Chief Executive Officer) and Daniel Thomas (President of Multi-Media Productions) as a North Carolina registered LLC. The corporation operates to initially promote local bands, artists, entertainers and DJ’s expanding nationally and globally with the objective to produce exceptional and highly entertaining music and NC Video Production, Charlotte Events and Charlotte Promotions in all genres. Vyzion Entertainment is a Raleigh and Charlotte N.C. entertainment firm that caters to the seasoned and up and coming entertainer. Vyzion Entertainment offers services to our customers that will catapult their career. Some services that Vyzion Entertainment offers is Video Production, SEO, Website Design, Content Development and Reputation Management through internet search engines and social media outlets. For a full list of Vyzion’s services, please visit

Vyzion Entertainment takes pride in working with each customer on an individual basis to provide them with exceptional service to make their dream a reality. We ask the artist what they want instead of what we want. Integrity, loyalty, honor, and respect are the four pillars that our success will be predicated on. Vyzion Entertainment believes strongly in establishing and maintaining loyalty with its associates. The company covets strongly in creating win-win relationships to ensure that all parties involved will exceed expectations.

On our website, you will have the pleasure and feel the excitement of the Vyzion experience. The site will offer you the opportunity to keep track of scheduled performances, artist bios, new track and album releases, and general news. You will also have the capability to purchase songs and if that is not enough, you can download “Vyzion Radio” for your cell phones. Vyzion Entertainment has one great purpose in mind; to avoid boundaries and inhibitions, cut across ages, cultures, and backgrounds by producing dynamic entertainers with an ebullient spirit.

Remember, “Without direction there is NO vision. With Vyzion there IS direction.

6th Annual Nolimit Larry Celebrity Basketball Game

Featuring Stephen Curry, Antawn Jamison, Anthony Morrow,

Ishmael Smith, Pastor Troy, Bettie Grind & Bertell


November 5, 2011 (Charlotte, NC) – “They’re playing Basketball!” By now, everyone is in need of a full court press! Join Power 98’s Nolimit Larry at Hoop Dreams, his 6th Annual Celebrity Basketball Game, which raises money for Nolimit’s nonprofit organization. The game will held at "Stephen Curry"Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology on Nov. 12, doors open at 5 p.m.

  The celebrity game is a part of a weekend of events to celebrate the radio personality’s birthday. “I love basketball. It was always a way of bringing community & family together for me as a kid. I hope my celebrity game brings the same feeling for other families,” said Nolimit Larry about hosting this year’s game.

  The game serves as the largest fundraiser for the COMP Foundation. Celebrities sign up to show off their hoop skills and have fun in the name of charity. This year Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry; Cleveland Cavaliers’ Antawn Jamison; New Jersey Nets’ Anthony Morrow; Memphis Grizzlies’, Ishmael Smith; Georgia rapper, Pastor Troy; Charlotte hip hop artist, Bettie Grind and Capitol recording artist, Bertell will join Nolimit along with other notable celebrities to battle it out for bragging rights.

  Raffles for merchandise along with game entertainment will be provided for attendees. Tickets for the event can be purchased online at for $10 or at No Grease Barbershops located at Concord Mills, Time Warner Cable Arena and Central Avenue.

  DTLR, House of Dubs and Bettie Grind are proud partners of the Nolimit Celebrity Game.

  Phillip O. Berry is located at 1430 Alleghany Street, Charlotte, NC 28208.



  About COMP

The Children of Murdered Parents (COMP) Program was founded in 2005 by No Limit Larry under his family’s organization, Critical Times. COMP serves as the lifeline for children who have loss a parent to death by providing guardians or remaining parents with social and financial needs.

  About Nolimit Larry

Nolimit Larry is host of CBS Radio's morning show - The Nolimit Larry & The Morning Maddhouse on WPEG Power 98. During his tenure in the business, Larry has become one of the most recognizable names in radio. He’s earned Personality of the Year twice by Retail and Records, number 23 in the Source Magazine’s Top 30 Top Radio Power DJs and Creative Loafing Personality of the Year award.