Artist Development Services

Search Engine Optimization

Vyzion Business Development Services can build and customize your professional website design with search engine friendly procedures and designs. larry-services-920x420The most successful websites combine high-end design with the ability for spiders to gather data from your website.

Website Design

Vyzion Business Development Services will work directly with you to find the most proficient professional website design solution, from single web pages to more in-depth websites. Vyzion can design and develop your website from scratch, work on your existing website, or join an existing web team. Vyzion understands the diversity that exists on the web, and strives to help each client in the timely manner they need. Besides offering custom bids, we also have package rates based on the most common requests. The design is always completely customized to your target market audience and the results are both functional and beautiful.

Traffic Analysis

Every time someone views a page on your website, they leave a trace of that activity in the logs of the server your website lives on. Most likely, that server is at a web hosting company and they provide you with a statistics page so you can see how many individuals are viewing what pages. There’s much more to traffic analysis than just that. By adding a small amount of code to each of your webpage’s, and using a traffic analysis tool, Vyzion Business Development Services can help you discover how your visitors are distributed geographically, how many are repeat visitors, how many are new visitors, what search terms they used on Google or Yahoo to find your site, what paths they took through your site and what pages are most likely to lead to visitors becoming customers.

Website Renovation and Upgrades

An entire new website sounds like a huge, overwhelming project but it doesn’t have to be. Vyzion Business Development Services takes all the best parts of your existing website experience and gently retires the parts that aren’t serving your customers that well any longer. Vyzion will keep your identity recognizably yours, while updating it so your customers know you’re paying attention to meeting their changing expectations. A website renovation combines all our other services by starting with a review of your existing website then adding traffic analysis and performance monitoring so we can do a before and after comparison. Also Vyzion makes sure you can manage both new and repurposed content easily along with the development of new features.

Hosting & Maintenance

Make your life easier by letting Vyzion Business Development Services help you with your website set-up. We can help guide you in the process of securing your domain name and setting up your hosting account. Website maintenance is offered on websites we develop as well as those introduced to us from a separate company.

Content Development

Your web site is very important and your story should be clear and articulated well. Your website is where you have the best opportunity to communicate and reach out to your clients one-on-one. Your story content and product descriptions are where and how you tell your customers about your business, products, company history, shipping and delivery explanations, and frequent and common asked questions. When you add useful content and tools to your pages your potential clients or customers will stay longer, visit more often and will increase sales and traffic to increase sales and traffic to your website.

Newsletters Email Marketing

Whether it’s direct email marketing to consumers, email marketing to existing customers and clients, email up-dates for your web site, or newsletters for clients or the general public, email is a great way to develop relationships online. Email marketing campaigns are a perfect, inexpensive approach available to your business to sell products and services, attract new clients or customers, communicate with existing clients, or grow and maintain expertise.

Web Publication

Developing and maintaining a continuous online publication can certainly be a excellent option to build an audience, and accumulate attention and recognition from your targeted audience. Simply by communicating with your client base on an continuous basis, you possess an additional opportunity to create the intangible relationships that will make a business successful.

Video Production

Vyzion offers video for every purse and purpose. 

Live Streaming

Streaming video is the future. Vyzion Entertainment has you covered completely. With proprietary technology, Vyzion can LiveStream ANY event, be it major concert, wedding, corporate event, deposition or workshop. Our technology allows us to broadcast in HD to any device, including cell phones, computers, ipads, iphones and Mac computers. These streams can either be to specific domans or set up as a pay per view. HD video, multiple camera angles, professional sound and broadcast quality graphics are what we can provide. In essence, we have a complete mobile broadcasting unit that can set up and broadcast any event.

Graphic Design

Vyzion has an experienced Graphic Design staff that works closely with the customer to create a design that will represent your brand.


Vyzion offers physical and digital distribution through some of the major digital distribution companies.

Video and Audio Production

Vyzion’s video production staff utilizes all the latest technology and equipment to create your own professional commercial, video or show.


Vyzion has connections with some of the best photographers around the world that will provide you with professional photography services like photo shoots.

Mastering and Meta Tagging

Mastering is the last creative step that ensures that the musical work is at its finest before it is released to the masses. At Vyzion Entertainment, we have the sensitive ear and state of art equipment to complete the best project. The coding process of Meta tagging is to track audio files and that the artist’s royalties are accurately accounted for.

BDS Encoding / Mediabase Encoding

In order to have your recordings receive Billboard Chart points, Vyzion can get each track registered for BDS and Mediabase Encoding.


Copyrighting is very important in keeping your lyrics, music and recording safe from anyone stealing your hard work and efforts.  Vyzion can copyright your work with the Library of Congress Copyright Office for you.

DJ and Entertainer Booking

Vyzion has over 30 DJ’s worldwide.  Each professional DJ owns their own sound equipment to make any party a success. Vyzion also offers entertainment booking like comedians, live bands (all genres), singers, models, and acoustics.

Event Coordination

Let Vyzion coordinate your next event! From creating a graphic for flyers, posters, press releases and advertising for radio and/or television.  To booking the entertainment that will keep your guests dancing, laughing and partying all night

Disc Duplication

Having marketing and sale material is very important when it comes to being an entertainer.  Whether at a concert, corporate or private event, it’s crucial to have your production professionally duplicated to sell and market your product.  Read More...

Contact Vyzion at 704-240-8939 for pricing. Visit www.vyzionbusiness.com for a full list of artist and business development services.
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